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Cinema 4D & After Effects tutorial

Monday, March 21, 2011 AT 7:00AM

Some time ago I was asked by Maxon to create a tutorial for their official help file that shows how great, easy and powerful the integration between Cinema 4D and After Effects is. As a huge Science Fiction fan I always wanted to create a scene that reminds of those future mega cities seen in Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, etc. So as an homage to these classics I have set up a 3D scene in Cinema 4D that includes a few elements that will be added in After Effects – including a cool spaceship that flies by (which was created by Maxon’s very own David Drayton aka neosushi).

If you have Cinema 4D R12 you can check it out in their help system (including all the necessary source files). Go to Help > Tutorials and then you will see a list of tutorial files. Mine is called CINEMA 4D – After Effects-Integration. Enjoy!

Here is the final clip in glorious HD (720p that is…).

This is a quick wireframe render of the scene. Nothing too fancy here.

Here it is with a few items composited in, like the massive screen (featuring Aixsponza’s awesome NO KEYFRAMES), a Maxon billboard illuminated by After Effects lights and several flashing lights on the roof tops.

And finally I have created an extra version with all the bells and whistles including lensflares, depth of field and motion blur.