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I’m back! New studio, new website, new showreel

Thursday, March 3, 2011 AT 12:01AM

I’m back – regarding my online presence. Other than that I wasn’t really gone, but it has been a while since my last update and what better way to re-start than with a brand new website. In fact it is not just a new website but I have tons of new projects in my portfolio and of course finally a new showreel. Everything now works perfectly fine on mobile devices like your iPhone or iPad and the whole CMS is finally a lot easier to manage and maintain. So there will be much more frequent updates.
I have also decided to post many of my motion graphics and animation related articles, that give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse on how I (or we) approach projects. Go to Portfolio and then Publications where you will also find several workshop related articles about Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop! Big thanks to the publishers and editors that gave me permission to upload those PDFs.

Oh, and probably the biggest change is, that I finally moved into a new studio space. Located in the center of Munich it is a beautifully renewed place and I am right next door to my friend and partner Akira Endo. It feels so nice to have so much space to let the creativity flow, heck we have so much space that we could play Basketball in here… hmmm. We are in the same creative building as Scanwerk (known for high-end colorgrading and scanning) who we work together with on many occasions and being closer together can only make it even better.

One more thing though: Not only have I moved studio but also my dear friend and partner Steve Holmes, who made the transition from California to the Isar. Ten years ago who would have thought that the person that got me started with After Effects and who inspired me throughout the years – and still is – will be working in the same space as I am. Starting today he will be joining us in our studio and this is just the start of a wonderful collaboration with everyone together.

Regarding the new website big, big thanks go out to Marc Thiele who did all the fantastic coding and helped tremendously with my new site. Marc is a design and coding genius and without him you wouldn’t be reading these lines, so I can’t thank him enough for his hard work. Besides him being a design and coding wizard, he is also organizing fantastic events like FFK11 – if you haven’t attended one of his conferences yet, make sure you will in the future!
Also massive thanks to MassiveMusic in Amsterdam. Apart from throwing the best Party in Cannes at the festival, they create wonderful music and provided the beautiful track for my new reel. Thank you guys!

So what has happened in the past year? A lot! There are always two possible reasons on why an artist’s website is not frequently updated: one is that he has nothing new to show. The other is because it is just too much too add and there is not enough time. It certainly was the latter for me with so many new exciting projects. Apart from great new projects it has been a very exciting year with many ups but also some emotional downs. There is this saying that one door closes and two others open up – thankfully it feels more like gates have opened now. Everything is back on track and I am so looking forward to this year. Lot of cool stuff to come! Have a great one everybody!