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New tools, presentations and updates

Monday, August 8, 2011 AT 4:20PM

It’s summer – kind of. With lots of rain and thunderstorms the summer has been a big letdown so far. So I am glad to have some great new products to play and work with. Actually they’re so cool, that even if the weather should become nice and you’re not sitting at work, you can still use these products on the go (and work outside). Why? Because here are three great things for the iPad. First the brand new Bamboo Stylus for the iPad, accompanied by a nice little app called Bamboo Paper, which you can get for free at the iTunes App Store.

First, the stylus really is the best stylus I’ve used with the iPad so far. Even though I only compared it to two other products, I immediately fell in love with the stylus from Wacom. So you might be wondering why it is better if it is not pressure sensitive? Well, for one it is very high quality in terms of look and feel, but second and more importantly the tip is the smallest you can get. A small tip for an input device like this is important to be able to draw as precisely as possible. And the Bamboo Stylus has the thinnest tips of all comparable products. Paired with the great weight balance and the simple but nice app “Bamboo Paper” it makes for the best drawing and handwriting experience you can have on an iPad! I am using it mostly for quick scribbles and sketches for storyboards, concepts and ideas. By the way, this is one of my first drawings I made was when I was at the Cannes Lions Festival: Cannes Lions drawn with Bamboo Stylus on iPad So yes, the Bamboo Stylus is really nice and for me the best choice if you are looking for an input device to draw and write on an iPad (or iPhone). Of course you can use it with any other tool, some of my other favorites include Adobe Ideas, Clockwork Notebook and of course Autodesk SketchBook.

The other great tool for the iPad is Nik Software’s Snapseed. It is simply amazing if you want (or have to) edit or enhance photos on the go on your iPad or iPhone. You can adjust an image globally or even work and fine-tune selectively with Nik’s great “Control Point Technology”: Control Points

There are also similar effects that you might know and love from apps like Plastic Bullet, Instagram and Hipstamatic – but with the major difference that you can manually adjust the intensity of the filters and effects. I really love the way on how the beautiful UI and the use of touch input is done. Being able to do things so easily without any other input device other than just your finger is simply amazing and fun.

Filter and effects

Last but not least I have also updated my events section to show the upcoming events where I will be giving presentations. So if you will be attending median[plan]tage in Bremen, IBC in Amsterdam or PhoCon Professional in Munich, I would love to see you there. The presentations will be about design and animation and I will show off some new projects and how they were done. Of course I will be using the latest tools including CS5.5 and the latest and greatest release of Cinema 4D. Hope to see you there!