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Projects, Pixar & NAB

Monday, May 27, 2013 AT 4:07PM

Oh boy, the last few months were incredibly busy with so many exciting projects and a lot of travelling in-between. I’ve been to NAB to present our latest project for CINEWARE. Besides presenting I met so many incredibly talented artists, like Nick from Greyscalegorilla, John from Perception, Brian from Sol Design and E.J. from Eyesdesyn.

Akira and me had a blast at NAB and we very totally excited to see that our work for CINEWARE even made it to the cover of Animation Magazine!

Being around the western part of the USA also meant I could finally visit my friends at Pixar! One of my earliest wishes was to either work there or at least visit the full studio and see where all those incredible movies are created. A truly inspiring event and dream come true for me. Thank you Paul, Tanja, Bernhard and Saschka for this great day!

Finally I have managed to record a quick breakdown of my paper tear animation. By popular demand and many people constantly asking how this was done, I have recorded this short video and hopefully help others. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to create and record a step-by-step tutorial but I hope this is still helpful and enjoyable for those that are interested in it.

And last but not least I have updated my portfolio section with the five latest projects. I have also updated my upcoming event list so you can see where I’ll be speaking next. Some of the next gigs will be at Adobe Creative Days in Berlin, Siggraph in Los Angeles/Anaheim and in Cannes at Advertising Festival!